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Primary School

‘Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.’ – W. B. Yeats 


The main purpose of Primary schooling is to ensure that all students gain a permanent love of learning that will cultivate their imaginations, foster creativity and encourage innovation. All children are introduced to the major areas of human knowledge and our inquiry based learning format ensures that students are highly engaged and develop higher order thinking and problem solving skills. 


During the Primary years’ children begin to develop a sense of self; they establish independent relationships and social friendships. At our Collegeour holistic approach to the raising and developing of the whole child, includes a strong emphasis on character development through our faith and social/emotional program Heart and Brains MattersOur teachers have a deep commitment to the spiritual and psychological develop of our students. Chapel services, devotions and social skill lessons are a regular part of our students’ lives. At CBCC we understand that the teachers of Primary school children constitute a distinctive feature of Primary schooling. We employ teachers who have a rich set of skills and capacities and a deep understanding of how children learn during the Primary years. As we nurture and support students at this Primary stage, we believe they will learn to understand themselves and learn to care for and support others. 


Community is of special importance to us here at CBCC. We are a community of learners – students, parents, teachers and staff within a common purpose, to raise our beautiful children in the way they should go. We do this by loving and caring for our students, prioritising a love and passion for learning and inspiring students to achieve their full potential. We feature and encourage a strong parent community, where a beautiful partnership is created between home and school to provide a consistent and united approach in the education and development of our students. 


In our Primary school, students will experience opportunities to participate in the areas of art, sport, music, and other cultural pursuit’s through planned class activities and events. These activities may be part of their core learning units or a separate scheduled program. Comprehensive sports, music and language programs are available for our students and throughout the year there are opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills both at school and through external events. 

Primary schooling has a critical role to play in the lives of children; at CBCC our Primary school is defined by high expectations, rich experiences and joy in learning. 


“I learn much more because I enjoy learning at CBCC.” Jayda 

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