Our Principal

My name is Terry Hornby and I am seeking a position. I have a job; the position I seek is to be a part of your child’s life, to be someone who can help them grow and learn. If I am to do that you had better know a little about me.

After graduating from Mt Gravatt CAE with a Diploma of Teaching I took up a position in Mackay while I awaited my Commonwealth Scholarship to kick in and transport me to distant and exotic lands. I went to Canberra.

After several years at a wonderful primary school, my beautiful wife, Glenda, and I were offered positions teaching at the Christmas Island Area School. Our address was “Christmas Island, Indian Ocean”; this was the exotic bit.

During this contract I completed a Graduate Diploma and upon our return to Canberra, I was asked to teach Mathematics in one of the secondary schools.

One year I received a telephone call from the Principal of Suncoast Christian College asking if I was interested in working and living on the Sunshine Coast. Bit of a no brainer really. Glenda and I travelled here and I worked as teacher and school leader at Suncoast Christian College for more than 20 years. I also completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.
The government of Abu Dhabi were aggressively seeking experienced school leaders to assist them in moving their education system into a more modern pedagogical framework. I was contacted and offered a senior position so Glenda and I left for further exotic places. After starting work as a Cluster Manager responsible for about 5-10 schools (a little like the old Inspector system) I was asked to move into Head office and work on major projects and troubleshoot issues where necessary. Jobs came up in unexpected ways – one day I was in the lift on my way to a school for an inspection when the Director General of Education also got in the lift. We chatted and he asked me for a solution to a particular problem – I got off at the next floor, went back to my office and went to work on the problem (you don’t say no to the DG). Glenda’s family became ill at the end of 2013, I terminated my contract and we returned to Australia, arriving back to our home in Palmwoods in April of this year. So here I am.

But all of the above means very little when we come to talk about the most important part of my application to you – the most important part of all of this is your child. Because it is your child and the children, the students around him or her who are at the very centre of the reason for this school’s existence. Your child is why I entered teaching; your child is why I get up each day and offer myself as a servant to the school community.

Together we can bring hope and direction to your child’s life. We can give them love and care. There will be times of correction, there will be many times of joy and laughter but there will also be some periods of confusion and frustration. We call that growth. I do not believe in a system where a child does not experience challenge and problems. Even failure.

Part of our role is to teach them how to deal with failure, the same as we must teach them how to deal with success. And above all of this, covering us and encompassing all our hopes and dreams is the blessing of our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am a man of faith. Jesus is my Saviour and it is His will I seek each and every day.

There is a pathway here at Coolum Beach Christian College for your child. A pathway from Prep all the way to Year 12. A pathway I hope you will allow me to share with your child. I’ll be the man on the sidelines cheering them on.

I just hope this application gets me to the interview stage.