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What our Community says

Loves school, no exaggeration.
“Our son loves school, no exaggeration. He looks forward to it every day and is eager to go. We feel he is in the best environment for him – he feels supported, safe, nurtured, respected and wanted. The opportunity to be in the primary leadership team has been really fantastic for his self-worth and to develop more skills.”
People matter, kids valued
“My son says “I don’t like school mum. I LOVE it! I never knew it could be so fun!” I feel like I have come across a school where people matter and my kids are valued. I love the focus the school places on developing the children’s characters as well as their academic achievements. The community is beautiful, always lots of smiles and conversation being shared as I walk around the place.”
Positive Influence
"It’s been so encouraging to see our child actually want to improve his reading skills. This shows the positive influence the school has on his learning. We love the family feeling of the school environment. It’s a relaxing and friendly place to chat with other parents while the kids play in the playground."