‘You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so…get on your way!’ – Dr Seuss

At Coolum Beach Christian College our Prep Year facilitates the essential experiences necessary for children to grow in a loving environment that is surrounded by a close knit College community. Our Prep program has been designed to welcome and settle students into our College and lay the early learning foundations that are crucial to their future schooling journey. Based on current research, we acknowledge that children who participate in quality early education are more likely to make successful transitions to other stages of learning.

Prep is part of our ‘School Adventurers’ phase. Our dedicated and experienced staff prepare students for school life by providing them with a range of diverse, exciting and essential learning experiences that focus on basic literacy, numeracy, social and physical skills. Preps also take part in language, library, music and sport specialist lessons. We also feel that it is essential to encourage our students to be active thinkers using their five senses to make enquiries, become investigators and clever problem solvers. Being able to make positive choices, use their imagination and creativity, become responsible individuals and to learn independence are some areas that have influenced our wonderful Prep program. The process of school routines are introduced and positive approaches to guidance are provided as the teaching staff work in partnership with the students’ families to assist in their individual growth and development.

At Coolum Beach Christian College we are very proud of our beautiful Prep facilities. Together with experts in Early Childhood education, we have developed a high quality learning environment that is modern, unique and the perfect environment for young children’s learning adventures. It is a space that has been specifically designed to evoke learning excitement in young creative minds. Outdoor learning and exploration is a crucial component of our Prep program and therefore the outside play space has been designed to enhance all areas of physical development and lots of laughter! It features a rolling hill for vestibular stimulation, a sensory trail, a climbing frame and playground, wet play area which includes a spray fountain, splash pool, sensory mud pit and a dry sand pit, all surrounded by beautiful gardens and a large grassy play area. Another wonderful feature of our Prep outdoor areas is our Grandad’s Garden. This is a physical walk that children can take where there are four stations positioned throughout our garden, which prompt questions and thoughts for healthy emotional development. This concept has been based on the beautiful children’s book, “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ by Brian Andrew which teaches young children how to acknowledge their blessings, choose forgiveness and express their worries, hope and dreams.

Prep is a place of wonder where the students’ imaginations are engaged in discovering the workings of the world around them.

‘Our classroom is a safe place where children feel happy and we speak kindly to each other, listen to each other and respect each other. It is a place where each student and parents are valued and where positive partnerships are nurtured. It is a place where not only the students are engaged in learning, but where the teacher is learning too.’ – CBCC Prep Teacher