All of our students (including Preps) are required to comply with the College’s uniform regulation. This includes whilst travelling to and from the campus. Dress standards are necessary and will be expected in order to maintain a high level of representation of our College to the community.

The College operates a very efficient uniform shop which caters for all uniform requirements. We endeavour to keep prices very affordable without sacrificing durability and attractiveness. All uniforms must be ordered through the College.

The Uniform Shop is open Wednesdays, 8-10am and 2.30-4pm

For enquiries please contact the Uniform Shop using the form at the bottom of this page.

CBCC families are welcome to advertise secondhand uniforms via a Facebook group for free. Search on Facebook for ‘CBCC Secondhand Uniform’ and you can request to be added to the group.

Donations of uniforms are always greatly appreciated. Secondhand uniforms are used to assist students in financial difficulty and students who on the odd occasion are not in the prescribed uniform. Donations may be handed into the Business Office or the Uniform Shop.

Uniform Orders

For an updated list and prices, please click on the links below:

Winter Uniform Order Form 2018

Prep Uniform Order Form_2018

Primary Uniform Order Form_2018

Secondary School Uniform Order Form_2018



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