What our community says

  • Every morning uplifted

    My four children started at CBCC this year. We moved from Cairns and my 2 older boys attended another school here for 6 months. One was so badly bullied that he refused to go to school, and the other was very unhappy with the teaching style and help he was receiving. My second son asked to go to another school. I drove passed CBCC and decided to take him for a look. From the very first walk through the school, he was determined to go to CBCC. The feeling in this little school is amazing. I have had my children in Christian education for a decade and I have never experienced the warmth and care that I get from this school. It is not only the teaching staff but the parents and the students who are welcoming and friendly. All four of my children are so happy to be there. I leave every morning feeling uplifted and blessed to know that they are part of such a wonderful environment. In all my years of attending faith based schools and being in Christian community I have never felt what I feel at this school. This is where my children will learn how to live their faith and put it into every day life.

    I thank the Lord every day for the gift of CBCC and the children and I look forward to a long and happy journey here.


  • Impacted lives

    ‘There are many things that I love about Coolum Beach Christian College.
    The close knit friendships, the amazingly talented teachers, the support and the love. But one thing that has really impacted my daughters life is the chapel services which are on a Wednesday afternoon.

    From the joy that comes shining through her smile as she walks out singing a beautiful worship song, (which then spreads through the car as she continues to practise it all the way home), to the exceptional biblical stories and heart felt messages which she explains to us all and then researches more to get a deeper understanding. These moments are seriously the ‘cherry on top’ for a parent.

    Having been to many of these chapel services too, I love seeing all the children respectively sitting quietly together, encouraging each other as they receive certificates, praising each other if they have done a good deed or if it is their birthday. I am also thrilled to see my daughter performing with her class each year. So much time and effort has been put into these performances by the teachers and this I appreciate so very much.

    These chapel times are truly momentous for a child. Not only for the learning on a spiritual level but also for a sense of community as they praise and worship the Lord, arm in arm.’

  • Why we are here.

    I love to watch the child who, despite his mother despairing that he has no shoes on, runs on the frosty grass, running wild, yelling in glee.

    A moment where this child is in a perfectly imperfect moment of connection with his immediate environment and genuinely delighting in his senses, feeling the frost, the tickle of the grass, and smiling eyes darting toward his mum to share in his joy of this playful moment. And in the moment of eyes connecting, the softening of his mumma, as she too feels the delight and joy of the moment. The learning. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Connection. Relationship. With self, with others, with the world. These are the gains. As we accept some of the pains, the everyday glitches, concerns, challenges that come with life, that come with authentic learning.

    Our school encompasses true connection to allow for safe mistake making, for safe exploration and risk taking. These are the critical elements of real life learning. We want our children to love learning, to know HOW to learn, to develop real world skills so they are able to create their own future. To know who they are and what they stand for and accept the commitment and grit it takes to achieve what they want to achieve.

    It warms our heart that every day we witness our children joyfully learning, in all ways. Coolum Beach Christian College is a school that walks it’s talk.

    It’s talk is … relationships and character are important. Foundational skills of reading, writing and math are important. Creative & philosophical thinking is important. Community is important. Love of self is important. Joy in learning is important. Problem solving is important. Trying things out and failing forward is important. Communication is important. People are important.

    They are all equally important. Each is of value for different reasons. The whole child is nurtured. And so, the child is happy. And happy children learn.
    That’s why we are here.

  • Part of something bigger

    I love that as part of Bodhes education he gets to be part of something bigger than himself – raising funds for kids in Uganda for clothing and school supplies. We have loved watching his heart for others develop. He is learning that he is never too young to do something kind for others less fortunate, a lesson we pray never leaves him.

  • Kids are more confident

    I’m certain that my kids are more confident because of the love, encouragement and belief that comes from the teaching staff. I love that sharing their faith and prayer is a normal thing in my kids lives because they experience this at school.

    It has been amazing to watch the way that some of the teachers believe in and build up my kids. An example of this is the way one of our teachers saw a glimmer of leadership ability in Noah in grade 4. She spoke this in to him, encouraged him and gave him opportunities to practice leadership. When it came time for expressions of interest for grade 6 leadership positions Noah was inspired and equipped to apply.

    CBCC is a very warm, friendly and positive environment. My kids love school.

  • Positive influence

    It’s been so encouraging to see our child actually want to improve his reading skills. This shows the positive influence the school has on his learning. We love the family feeling of the school environment. It’s a relaxing and friendly place to chat with other parents while the kids play in the playground.
    Dan & Ali

  • Academic excellence & character development

    I love that there is as much emphasis placed on academic excellence as there is character development. The community is positive, authentic and the culture is one where it is normal to go the extra mile, to seek out opportunities to help, or make something greater. That is the everyday! How precious is that?

  • Epiphany

    I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the dedication made to my three sons currently attending CBCC. Recent experiences have left me with utmost pride for my children’s development. Starting this year in the Year 11/12 camp my son came home with an experience and epiphany that bought a tear to my eye. The endurance camp pushed them into team work and certain exercises were frightening for some, due to height or small surrounds. So when you son comes home from school camp and says to you “Mum, I learnt something on camp, I learnt that helping someone through a challenge makes you feel more like a winner than winning the actual challenge yourself.”

    To have this epiphany at 16 years of age is a blessing. It was a lump in your throat moment. Thank you for your dedication to my children CBCC, your incredible curriculum and standards you hold are felt and my children always tell me how dedicated you all are to not only to their education but also their well being. Especially when they come home and quote “it’s our job as your teachers to help you get this stuff, don’t stress, talk to us”. Thank you

  • Wonderful atmosphere

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to help with CBCC’s athletics carnival today. I had such a great day. It was my first experience of CBCC and I must say I was overwhelmed by how lovely the students and staff were that I came into contact with. What a beautiful school! As I drove home I just felt so good inside and I can only put that down to the wonderful atmosphere of the school. If you ever need help again (for anything) just let me know.

  • University offer in Yr 12

    Six years ago our family moved to the Sunshine Coast from the Gold Coast. It was the latest of many previous moves our family had experienced and as parents of three children our main priorities where for their happiness and education. So a few weeks before moving here we embarked on the overwhelming search for a suitable school. This proved to be challenging, as all three of our children have learning difficulties and need extra help and attention, which many schools where not willing to or unable to provide. CBCC was the only school of the many we had interviews with that embraced our children’s differences, we knew from that first interview we had found a very special place, willing to accept our children for who they were emotionally and academically.

    The move here was hardest on our eldest child, who was just beginning her teenage years and entering high school. By the middle of grade 9 things where not looking hopeful, rebellion and hopelessness had worked their way into her heart and she was “at risk of disengaging” from school. It was at this very low point that we saw the full and true spirit with which CBCC is founded upon. In this time we witnessed and experienced Gods grace, love and mercy being poured out onto our child through the incredible teachers and staff of CBCC.

    Under their care and endless support we saw our child flourish and achieve academically far and beyond our expectations and also become a respected leader and mentor within the school body. With CBCC’s help, she moved past her learning difficulties and began to study university subjects whilst in Year 12. As testimony to her success, she was offered a place in her chosen university course before she left Year 12!

    We cannot thank God enough for the beautiful people he strategically places at CBCC, their hearts are always after His and their main concern is for the children they teach, nurture and pray for each day. Quite simply, we believe Coolum Beach Christian Collage has been a gift given to our children and family by God.

  • Real community

    My son enjoys school, he loves his friends and teachers. The support staff at CBCC are a team of angels! They go to great lengths to make sure your child is settled in to the school environment and the College gives parents the tools we need to provide a positive experience while at school. But the main thing I felt when I first visited CBCC was the friendly, happy vibe that permeates the school as soon as you enter. Staff and parents walk around with smiles greeting each other – like real community.

  • Deep love for their teachers

    Our children love going to school. They have always had a deep love for their teachers which is a great sign of connecting with, loving and respecting their teacher. They have great friends and we are happy to say that school has always been a pleasurable experience for them.

    CBCC is very pretty campus, well laid out and easy to access all areas. Great play facilities and we were extremely impressed with the prep wet play area. It is great to see the school encouraging the children to have fun by adopting different practices.
    Ross & Carolyn

  • We love the foundations

    Our experience within the CBCC community has been fantastic! Firstly the staff are the best we have ever seen – their love for the children is second to none, as well as their love for learning and education.

    We love the values and morals that are instilled in our children. This is evident by their behaviour and how they treat others. We love the foundations teachers set that enable our children to develop into respectful, confident and thoughtful individuals. We are often impressed with the things that the kids come home and talk about and mention about their day.

    We have made some great friendships with other families that have children at the school and feel that we are so blessed to have such a great bunch of parents that make you feel welcome and are like minded.
    Ross & Carolyn

  • Loves school, no exaggeration.

    Our son loves school, no exaggeration. He looks forward to it every day, is eager to go, eager to do his homework and do either ‘homeworkopoly’ or eat pizza and get team points. We feel he is in the best environment for him – he feels supported, safe, nurtured, respected and wanted. The opportunity to be in the primary leadership team has been really fantastic for his self-worth and to develop more skills.
    Katrina & Russell

  • Our son is thriving...

    Our experience within the CBCC community is only positive! We absolutely LOVE the culture of kindness, care and love created by the teachers. The constructive and positive way CBCC nurtures children means conflict and issues are handled with genuine care for the students. For the first time, I’ve met parents who would be my friend even if I didn’t know their children. We feel 100% blessed that we found CBCC and our son is thriving in all the right ways. Sporting events are cooperative, not negatively competitive. The sense of fun and play is alive and well.
    Thank you CBCC and thank God.
    Katrina & Russell

  • In one word: Friendliness

    It’s interesting to see the concepts from school filter into my boys lives. I see a bit more help around the house after teaching on families, or because it’s in the homework this week. Sometimes I receive an apology after an argument with my teen, admitting he was out of line using a phrase learnt in Pastoral care.

    My youngest loves school and wants to go every day. My teen enjoys his classes and gets along well with his teachers.

    To describe our community in one word: Friendliness. I see open, happy, interested and caring faces abound the CBCC campus.

  • Outstanding academic results

    The Teachers here are extremely passionate about giving our students a quality education. They focus on developing the whole individual, rather than purely academically which is very important. The small class sizes allow for the teacher to spend individual time with all students, which I see reflected in the outstanding academic results. Our students are also learning important life skills from their teachers. Our Principal, Mr Hornby is very approachable and knows the students by name, which is unique to a small school.

    Eli loves the school. It is his second home, and he feels nurtured and secure there. He has positive role models surrounding him, and he loves the interaction with the other year levels. The campus is beautiful- large and expansive with resident wildlife. It is not a huge overwhelming campus – students feel safe and protected here. The classrooms are large, inviting and air-conditioned.

  • Highly significant impact

    The impact of CBCC teachers is highly significant in our sons life. He likes himself more, comes home and teaches us about approaching and resolving matters in a kind and sensible way! We feel he has excellent role models that listen, care and value children. Teachers are almost more influential than we are. We sought a school with a values match for this purpose. I also would like to say how wonderful it is for our son to also have male teachers influencing him at this delicate stage of his life.
    Katrina & Russell

  • Extended family

    CBCC is like an extension of your own family – a close-knit, loving, nurturing environment, where students are treated as individuals and everyone looks out for each other. Our experience within the community for the past 4 years has been only positive, and we have grown to love the school even more as time progresses.

  • We belong

    When choosing a school we wanted to find somewhere that would nurture and encourage our daughter to be herself. CBCC has a family feel where every child is given the attention they need and we all feel like we belong to a community. When I ask Scarlet about her school. She says “I love my Jesus school! You know everyone at school knows who he is!”
    We couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you CBCC.

  • People matter, kids valued

    My son says “I don’t like school mum. I LOVE it! I never knew it could be so fun!”
    I feel like I have come across a school where people matter and my kids are valued. I love the focus the school places on developing the children’s characters as well as their academic achievements. The community is beautiful, always lots of smiles and conversation being shared as I walk around the place.

  • Students are delightful

    I love CBCC because my colleagues are kind, caring, and positive, my students are delightful, enthusiastic, and hard workers, and my workplace is peaceful and attractive. It’s the best place to work!

  • Feel fortunate

    CBCC is a beautiful little school with a focus on the learning and growth of each individual child. It’s rural setting promotes a calmness and a lovely environment for the children to learn and play. As a new family to the school this year I feel very fortunate to be part of this community and am excited to watch my children benefit from all that CBCC has to offer.

  • Incredibly blessed

    We’re incredibly blessed to have found such an amazing school. It’s not just a great place for our kids, but our whole family has made friends there. Plus I love that my kids are learning French!