Our Governance Structure

The College is a not for profit entity, with the legal structure of a company limited by guarantee. The College Board comprises a Chairman, Board members, (directors), a Company Secretary and ex-officio attendees, namely the Principal and Business Manager. The Board is responsible for setting policy and ensuring the College complies with all legal requirements. The Board is accountable to the College community and other stakeholders, including the State and Federal Government. Above all, the Board ensures the College delivers and acts according to the stated mission of the College.

Board meetings are held monthly to inform of the financial status of the College, matters relating to compliance and attend to strategic issues.

Our Executive Management Team

The current Executive Management Team, (EMT), consist of the College Principal, the Head of Primary & Curriculum and the Business Manager. The EMT prepares and guides the development of the College’s processes and delivery of Curriculum. The EMT reviews the College’s strategy and structure, budgets, major projects, as well as the implementation of major administration and HR policies.

The EMT meets weekly to discuss and address operational issues to ensure alignment with the College’s strategic plan.