Our Captains

In the words of James Machen and Lily-Anne Fenton, our Senior Captains for 2018:

Captains 2018

“Being part of CBCC is seeing community in action. Our College is one big extended family that cares for each other, loves on and laughs with each other and a place where everyone knows they’re valued! It’s why we’re so excited to be elected Captains for 2018.

“We aim as leaders to display strong principles whatever circumstance we’re in. CBCC is known for its curriculum based around ‘Heart and Brain Matters’. These are facets identified for character development and habits that develop our ability to succeed in the future. Utilising and displaying these character traits affect the people around us positively which breeds mutual respect.”

“We love that at CBCC, we stick together. We’re a team, cheering each other on, lifting each other up.”

“As leaders, we want the best for our peers. It is our goal to leave a legacy, investing into the lives of the students around us and building relationships with the teachers and staff.”