Our Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Coolum Beach Christian College has a mission to deliver exceptional Christian education with excellence, igniting a passion for learning and inspiring students to achieve their full potential.


Our Vision

We believe together, we can build a better world.

We see a world

Where families of all shapes and sizes are coming together in community;
A world where children experience family and Christian values;
A world where families see life as an adventure that integrates educational, social, spiritual and cultural contexts.
We see a world where children learn they are valued, but also learn to value others;
A world where the wonder of God’s creation comes to life as we journey together
And children are engaged, challenged and supported.

We see a College

That celebrates the uniqueness of every child, but even more the richness of strong friendships and collaboration;
A College that inspires children and their families, to dream and then supports them to achieve their dreams;
A College where every child can learn and love learning.
We see a College where children journey through life together, sharing their trials and their triumphs;
A College that loves God and the blessings He has invested into each of us through our diverse personalities and talents.

We see a future

That is built on strong leaders in all capacities … who are maturing in our school right now;
A future where people feel they belong and can actively make a difference in their community whether local or global;
A future that our children are passionate about, hope for and anticipate with enthusiasm.
We see a future where we are loving life and learning together;
A future where the journey has been just as exciting as the destination.



Our Values

At Coolum Beach Christian College we believe that the development of character is as important an aspect of learning as the development of the mind. Students are taught to uphold values such as integrity, honour and respect for others, and are expected to demonstrate these qualities in their lives. Regular chapel services and lessons on Christian Studies help to reinforce these values.

It is our desire to provide students with the finest education in a Christian environment which encourages self-discipline, creative thinking and strong character development equipping students academically, socially, physically and spiritually for the challenges that lie ahead in the future.

Our focus is that students will be motivated by a dynamic learning environment, developing as engaged, focused learners. Our goal is that education will open journeys of opportunity for our students, releasing abilities they have never experienced before, and seeking the highest possible academic outcomes.

Our students’ education is enriched by inspired and motivated staff, with a strong focus on Professional Development, new opportunities and implementation of “best practice” standards.

The solid educational focus at Coolum Beach Christian College is partnered with a genuine care and concern for our students. Student care is treated with diligence and enthusiasm. Every student is seen as a unique and valued individual. Every year level, from Prep to Year 12, has a team of dedicated staff focused on student well being, with a Chaplaincy service available to all students.

We believe that caring for students is a demonstration of God’s love. As we nurture and support students, they are in turn encouraged to live a life where they care for and serve each other. Our vision is for students to love life, and in doing so, gain a deep hope that will transform their world.

There are many opportunities for students in each year level to impact their world. Student-led initiatives raise support and awareness of global issues, whilst national and international mission trips provide students in Senior Years with opportunities to make a difference. Student-led fundraising at Coolum Beach Christian College aims to build on the strong tradition of supporting mission organisations cultivated at CCF Church.