Creative Arts

At Coolum Beach Christian College we are committed to fostering a lifelong appreciation and love of the arts as our students grow up in an increasingly visual culture. Creative Arts are reflective of God’s gift of creativity to us all and one of the main ways that we can actively express and define ourselves.

Our quality Creative Arts program includes Visual Arts, Drama, Technology & Design and Music which is designed to promote student self-expression so children can learn focus, self-discipline, innovation, creativity and emotional expression as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They are equipped with the skills and techniques to enable them to express their own ideas and learning, while having loads of fun! Ensuring many opportunities are provided for our students to participate in this area of learning is important to our College. Staff engage students in learning where they can be innovative, adaptive, and expressive in group or individual tasks.

All teachers in the Art, Music, Drama, Technology & Design subject areas are passionate about what they teach and as a team are dedicated to fostering within our students, a life-long appreciation and love of the wonderful world of Creative Arts.