Heart & Brain Matters


Our aim at Coolum Beach Christian College is to grow beautiful people.

We believe that strong character development is an important aspect of learning as is the development of the mind, therefore Christian values are taught in all areas of the College each day. Our School Matters program (Heart and Brain Matters) is based on biblical principles and taught across all year levels.

Heart Matters are the moral habits, intelligences, mental thinking, attitudes and actions that develop inner character or the heart of the student and these include: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Brain Matters are learnable intelligences or habits that develop thinking abilities and help students become lifelong learners which include: cooperation, positivity, conflict resolution, persistence, choices, excellence, loyalty, risk-taking and taking action.

These are skills that are deliberately introduced and cultivated within our whole school environment. Our program is explicitly taught within our classrooms from Prep to Year 12 and this ensures that all students are practicing the same skills and using the same language across the whole College. This builds a strong, positive culture in our College and wider community. Our School Matters program equips our students with the skills required to develop strong character, morals and values. Bullying is addressed in this program and students are guided in how to navigate a wide range of situations they may face during school and beyond.