Christian Practice

Classroom devotions, Secondary Christian Studies subjects, Chapels and prayer are prominent parts of our College life. Our teaching staff are also involved in morning prayer and devotions where they share a bible study and grow in fellowship.

Chapel is an exciting and special time that our students really look forward to! It is where our students and teaching staff come together to celebrate and participate in the Christian faith of our College. Students are taught about the Bible from our wonderful Pastor Tim Turley (our College Chaplain) through engaging and age-appropriate presentations. His teachings actively involve the students in skits, demonstrations, story telling and games that reinforce his message. Lots of praise and worship, laughter and peer interaction can be heard coming out of the church during these times.

Primary and High School have their separate chapel times which are held in the CCF church hall on our College grounds. In the Primary years, classes take turns in leading Chapel once a semester where they teach the primary school about the Christian values and lessons they have been learning in class through various performance and presentation styles. Our School Matters (Heart and Brain Matters) theme is also reinforced during this time. During our Chapel time, our Students of the Week are congratulated and acknowledged for their achievements as well. Parents are encouraged to come to our Chapels each week and we love seeing them there.